I’m here to get free and help others get free. I see freedom as an inner experience we can choose in any situation. For example, in my marriage, freedom meant that when I got clear that it was done, we ended it. We’ve both gone on to be happily partnered again and he realized his dream of having kids, which we were never going to have. I had no way of knowing at the time how well it would work out for both of us, but I had to trust the deepest part of me that knew it was time for us to part.

In the case of chronic pain, freedom has meant something completely different because everything I was doing, and I mean EVERYTHING, wasn’t making it go away. I felt desperate, powerless, and miserable. My freedom came in learning how to have a rich, fulfilling life that includes pain and to not have pain no longer be the arbiter of my happiness.

I work with clients to align themselves with their inner knowing that’s already clear and their lives transform toward freedom as a result. Sometimes circumstances change and sometimes their inner relationship to those circumstances changes, but either way, they learn to trust themselves and their desires. They learn to let knowing and desire guide their way. They integrate the various aspects of themselves and live with authenticity, power, and, yes, freedom.

I offer a free exploratory conversation that lasts 60-90 min. in which we discuss what you want to create in your life with coaching and which length of time, three or six months, would be the best fit for you.

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