Coaching Testimonials


“This woman is HOT. I have come to know myself more fully in just a few exercises with her. Laser-like sensitivity is a perfect description. She noticed and loved both my appropriate side (who just wants to protect me) and my beast (who just wants to love and explore), asking them questions until each felt fully heard and in resonance with each other. She is a gift.” —Katie

“Hurry up everybody…What are you waiting for? Act while you still have an opportunity to get in with this wonderful life coach. Marie-Elizabeth has an amazing ability to hone in on the actual issue. In her coaching session she nailed an issue I have been working on and I was able to clearly see my next steps and move forward.” —Ditte

“Marie Elizabeth is a gifted coach. She is talented at discerning my deeper issues and leading me to them with skill and grace. I always feel supported and loved by her. She guides me to open my heart to see and hear my soul. I can feel her desire for me to live in freedom and she is willing to fight alongside me to get there. I have counseled with many coaches, she is one of the best. Without question, I highly recommend her as a coach.” —Tom