On the Road to Hip Replacement Surgery

I’ve decided to blog about my hip replacement surgery that’s coming up on Oct. 14th because I would usually not expose myself here. I want to stay present with and share this experience that feels like a portal into a new self and life. Being a biohacker and spiritual person, I’ll write about various tools I’m using to hack this process physically, as well as reflect on what’s happening mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

Today I bought a portable hyperbaric chamber to use at home. I learned about them at the Bulletproof Conference last weekend in Pasadena, where there was a tech fair with futuristic products, like devices that heal using light and a headband that measures your brain activity while you meditate (more about that in another post).

Patrick and I drove out to the OxyHealth warehouse in Santa Fe Springs to try out the chambers and pick a size. Pictures of several famous golfers, including Tiger Woods, line the walls of the room with the sample units. It felt like a sign since Patrick is training hard these days to improve his golf game with a desire to turn pro. Lining the hallway, a signed Lance Armstrong jersey, who owns the oldest unit of theirs, Magic Johnson’s jersey, and others. Lots of athletes and pro teams use hyperbaric chambers to speed up recovery and now I get to join them with this hack to rock this surgery! I was going to do a short-term rental but decided to buy it instead, given how great its effects are long-term.

Hyperbaric chambers saturate the blood with oxygen, which has a range of effects you can read about here. In particular, I’m excited to boost my immune system and speed up wound healing. I have a couple of trips coming up before surgery and will use it to hack the jet lag when I get home. I like that it will make me rest for 60-90 minutes, something I find hard to do on my own.

Today I got excited about the chamber and cried looking in the closet at things to pack for our partial move next week. I fell in love with an orange tabby at Petco and cried after wrapping up coaching relationships with two clients. I prayed, cleared up hurt feelings with a friend, wrote down five gratitudes, and said, Enough!, through gritted teeth when I saw the HVAC leaking on the kitchen counter. I have to give up garlic and one of my painkillers (they both thin the blood) on Friday for the next two weeks and I’m irritated by having to be vigilant about garlic while I’m traveling and the possibility of even worse pain. I’m all over the place and it feels good to let it flow. Luckily Patrick makes lists of things we need to handle each day so I don’t have to hold it all in my head and spin out like I usually would.

Thank you for joining me on this journey!



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One Comment on “On the Road to Hip Replacement Surgery

  1. Thanks for sharing Mia! Great to hear you are getting surgery soon:) look forward to reading more about it all.