A Win with Physical Therapy!

Yesterday I met my new Kaiser home health physical therapist, Sarah. From the moment she came in, I liked her. Turns out she lived in Brooklyn for 11 years and loved it there. She’s kind and no-nonsense, just the right combination for a good PT.

We asked her to help us figure out the best way for me to get in and out of the hyperbaric chamber. My partner and I have gotten stuck several times with part of my body in, part out, screaming at each other because I’m panicking about my hip dislocating if I move it wrong and he’s unclear which way I want him to help me move.

Of course in front of Sarah, and maybe because we’re starting to get the hang of it, I slipped into it pretty well. She saw no problems. Coming out, it went the smoothest it has gone yet, with only a couple of suggested adjustments to make it safer. We did it!

And then she said the line that made my inner dancer-biohacker-competitive-healer-body-person sing:

You win the award for the most coordinated total hip replacement patient I have right now, and possibly for the last six months!

I feel so seen. And will now do anything she says.

I told her she would have to not lowball things with me because if there’s a maximum that’s good to do I will probably exceed it if not otherwise warned. She laughed and said she could already tell that about me. (hellooooooo, hyperbaric chamber)

We have three more visits before she refers me to outpatient PT. Even though my quad and IT band ached last night and today after she had me contract and lift my leg as much as I could, I’m looking forward to seeing her tomorrow. Maybe I’ll be able to fire what wouldn’t fire yesterday and do that straight leg lift on my own, and maybe she’ll have to assist, but either way we’ll have fun.


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