Who I am

I’m a woman who’s created a life that truly reflects who I am. I coach, write, do underwater photography, sing in the Agape International Choir in Los Angeles, live with the love of my life, Patrick, love our wacky dog, Phoenix, and do a bunch of cool biohacking stuff like cryotherapy and EEG brain training because I’m fascinated by human performance.

My prior background is in bodywork and Chinese Medicine. I left patient care to pursue an MFA in Poetry at Sarah Lawrence College and dedicated myself to writing for ten years before the desire to work with people one-on-one again got too loud to ignore. I’m trained through two schools of life coaching: Falling Awake and OneTaste.

I grew up participating in three cultures, American, Venezuelan, and Swedish, speaking three languages and feeling like an outsider in all of them. I spent a lot of time observing people so that I could do the right thing and try to fit in. Eventually, trying to be the person others wanted me to be got too exhausting. I had to figure out who I really am.

Now I know my sense of my belonging comes from within and it’s available wherever I go. I want everyone to have the direct experience of sourcing their sense of belonging from within instead of twisting themselves into the shape that’s required in order to fit in with others. 

What I Offer   

Kickass coaching! Whoop whoop! But seriously, I’ve been at this personal and spiritual growth thing for thirty years, I’m courageous as hell, and have transformed my life multiple times, by desire, necessity, and design.

I create a solid container for the full power of your desires to come through by:

  • listening without judgment.
  • asking insightful questions.
  • allowing you the space you need to connect the dots that will transform your life.
  • challenging you when you’re holding back.


More Cool Stuff

  • I share ideas and useful resources weekly on my blog. Click here to read my blog right now! Join my email list to be notified about blogs and published articles.
  • Muriel Rukeyser said, “Breathe-in experience, breathe-out poetry.” I write poetry because it’s the most distilled and direct way I know to bring experiences into words with an emotional impact. I come to poetry to connect with myself and others, with the whole spectrum of a well-lived life. I have books and several sample poems available, as well as links to online publications in which other poems have appeared. Click here to read my poems.
  • When I take photos and videos underwater, I’m also looking for connection. Through these images, I convey the personalities of the creatures I meet, as well as the incredible range of shapes and colors that exist in the underwater world. Jacques Ives Cousteau said, “We protect what we love.” Not a day goes by when I’m diving that I don’t think about how rapidly the planet is changing, how ephemeral the environment and creatures I love. Click here to see my underwater images. Here I am in Tonga, shooting humpback whales!

Photo credit: Nadia Aly

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