Pack Dynamics: What Rescuing Dogs Has Taught Me about Relationships

When I rescued my first dog, Phoenix, in 2015, she was a traumatized 6-month-old gorgeous, gray bundle of fear. I was overwhelmed by her fear and she was overwhelmed by, well, everything. To this day, she loves dogs and is afraid of people. Because of her possessive and anxious bond with me, Patrick (my partner) … Read more

On Self-Love: 5 Ways To Build Your Self-Love Muscle

  Recently, I had a conversation with a client about self-love. They weren’t clear on how to give themselves the love they were twisting themselves in knots to get from others. They wanted suggestions on how to strengthen their experience of self-love. The question got me to thinking about how we often talk about self-love … Read more

The Surprising Way Being Nice Can Block You from Having a Great Relationship

There’s an epidemic of niceness going on and it needs to stop. Not in politics, certainly, but in the way we’re taught to communicate in dating and relationships, especially if we have a spiritual bent. Though I’m speaking directly to women in this article, this idea also applies to nice guys who aren’t direct with … Read more

What To Do When You’re Not Getting What You Want in Life

    You know that thing you want—the relationship, financial success, the car—that you’ve been wanting for ages? That thing plastered all over your vision board and peppered through your affirmations? Maybe you write gratitudes every day in the present tense for this thing you want in your life (but don’t actually have yet), because … Read more

Follow Your Bliss: Reflections on a Week in the Red Sea and The Power of Myth

  Three oceanic whitetip sharks circle our group, turning from diver to diver as they make the rounds about 15 feet under our boat. A group of striped pilot fish scurry to keep up, following each shift of the shark’s attention. I consider the position of the sun, find different angles to photograph the circling … Read more

Keeping Your Side of the Street Clean: A 3-Part Guide to Inner Freedom

  What does it mean to keep your side of the street clean? It means being clear and self-responsible in your life and cleaning it up when you mess up. Dog owners in New York complained at first, then got used to scooping their dog’s poop when the laws changed. Just like dog owners, don’t … Read more

How To Safely Practice Getting Vulnerable in Your Relationships

Ugh. Relationships, amiright? Somehow, with all your wounds and your parental, societal, religious, and educational conditioning, you’re supposed to magically know how to relate to another person. That person also shows up with their own wounds and conditioning and is supposed to magically know how to relate to you. Like talking on a phone through … Read more