How To Create Belonging Wherever You Go

I was an introverted only child who grew up between three cultures and never felt like I fully fit in, so I’ve thought about belonging my whole life. I’ve explored a deep solitary connection to spirit as well as total immersion in a close-knit community to experience how belonging happens in different settings. Earlier this … Read more

When the Worst Happens, then What?

I’ve always been an active person. In my senior high school yearbook, the phrase most associated with me was, “I’m so sore.” I was a dancer and soreness was how I knew I was doing what I loved. When my hips started hurting in my early forties, I shrugged it off. After all, soreness was … Read more

It’s Not all Opiates and Roses: Surgical Recovery and Relationship

We set up my recovery from hip replacement surgery well this time—food delivery, friends coming over in shifts to relieve Patrick so he could get out of the house and move his body, a new bed desk that tilts for computer use and flattens for meals—and still we ended up in a big fight on … Read more