Twisted like a Bonsai: The Radical Truth About Our Wounding

I’ve been thinking a lot about wounds for the past couple of weeks. Specifically, the kind of wounding that seeps through a lifetime, like oil through paper, forever staining it. Our life shapes itself around a wound like this, which, if it happens early enough, can affect the development of our entire personality. Wounds are … Read more

Webinar-Masterclass: Stop Struggling and Learn To Live a Buoyant Life

My friend! I’m teaching a masterclass, “Stop Struggling and Learn to Live a Buoyant Life” on Sept. 19th at 5pm PST/8pm EST. Click this link to register.   Are you stuck in struggling? Does self-doubt run your life? Do you have a sense that something’s “off” and you want support in getting clear and taking decisive … Read more