Communication Skills: The 5-Step Conversation Process for Getting What You Want

Communication Skills: The 5-Step Conversation Process for Getting What You Want | Marie-Elizabeth Mali | Personal Transformation Expert |

Clear communication skills are a must for having a win-win conversation and getting what you want. We’re not taught these skills so we usually learn how to communicate through trial and error with a lot of frustration.  Today I’m sharing the 1st step in a conversation process that I’ve developed for getting what you want … Read more

Getting Personal about the Permission that Saved My Life

The Permission That Saved My Life | Permission to Live | Permission to be Happy | Marie-Elizabeth Mali : Personal Transformation Expert |

Permission to Change Imagine being married to the perfect guy: handsome, rich, creative, fun, and reliable. And imagine that you’re literally dying in that marriage. No matter how much therapy and how many couples retreats you do, this deep hunger inside you to be seen and met keeps growing. Your health gets worse. You can … Read more

Twisted like a Bonsai: The Radical Truth About Our Wounding

I’ve been thinking a lot about wounds for the past couple of weeks. Specifically, the kind of wounding that seeps through a lifetime, like oil through paper, forever staining it. Our life shapes itself around a wound like this, which, if it happens early enough, can affect the development of our entire personality. Wounds are … Read more

Webinar-Masterclass: Stop Struggling and Learn To Live a Buoyant Life

My friend! I’m teaching a masterclass, “Stop Struggling and Learn to Live a Buoyant Life” on Sept. 19th at 5pm PST/8pm EST. Click this link to register.   Are you stuck in struggling? Does self-doubt run your life? Do you have a sense that something’s “off” and you want support in getting clear and taking decisive … Read more

Pack Dynamics: What Rescuing Dogs Has Taught Me about Relationships

When I rescued my first dog, Phoenix, in 2015, she was a traumatized 6-month-old gorgeous, gray bundle of fear. I was overwhelmed by her fear and she was overwhelmed by, well, everything. To this day, she loves dogs and is afraid of people. Because of her possessive and anxious bond with me, Patrick (my partner) … Read more