Do you wonder if it’s possible to design a life that has you wake up each morning asking yourself how on earth you got so lucky? I used to wonder that but I don’t anymore because that’s the life I’ve made. With coaching, I support others in doing so, too.

We start by taking a clear-eyed look at your inner life and your outer life. That way we can see where you are blocking your real, quirky self, pretending to be someone you think others want. Where you put their needs above yours. I’m not talking about becoming a peel-me-a-grape type of woman who lays on a chaise waiting for everyone to serve her. Unless that’s your desire, then let’s go there together! I’m talking about having your wants and needs be as valid and important as others’ and creating a life with people in it who get that. Using teachings and practices that I’ll share with you, you will dismantle your blocks and strut out your real self. And, once you do, watch your whole life change!

I invite you to a free introductory conversation lasting up to 90 min. We will discuss what you want to create in your life and what is involved in making that happen. At the end, if it feels right to both of us, I’ll offer you a coaching package customized to address exactly what you want to change in your life. Click the button below to set up a call!


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