Through coaching with me you come into alignment with who you really are and your life transforms to reflect that alignment. You learn to trust yourself, your desires, and your intuition, which leads to a life of authenticity, power, and freedom.

First we take a clear-eyed look at the landscape of your inner and outer life, revealing what needs to be seen and integrated in order to create the changes you want. The things you want to change provide the grist for this soul-work of transformation. Using reading materials and practices that I’ll share with you, you do the work to dismantle your blocks and gain freedom with me by your side.

I offer a free introductory conversation that lasts up to 90 min. in which we discuss what you want to create in your life with coaching and which length of time would be the best option, usually 6-9 months. In special circumstances, we might choose a shorter length of time, but I find that at least six months is often necessary to have the kind of shift in consciousness that ensures life-changing results.


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