“Without Longing, How to Make Beautiful the Song?” appears in Tiferet, Fall/Winter 2018

“Seafaring” was nominated for a Pushcart Prize, Spring 2018

“Seafaring” appears in New Ohio Review, Fall 2017, Issue #22

“Bienvenidos a Florida” appears in Blue Hole, A Magazine of the Georgetown Poetry Festival 2017, October, 2017

 “If the ocean had a mouth” appears in the Poem-A-Day series on March 26, 2014

“Uncompassed” appears in Thrush Poetry Journal, March 2014

Curated an ocean folio for Drunken Boat #18, including 15 poets, underwater photos, videos, and poem, “Conversations with a Jellyfish”

“Gratitude Prayer,” “Cray Cray,” and “Stranded” appear in Split Lip Magazine, Issue 9, Jan.-March 2014

“Mind Too Much” was featured on RATTLE on Dec. 31st 2013

“Leaving the Okay Marriage” received a Pushcart Prize nomination

“On Being Left” was the Web Weekly Feature at Verse Daily for the week of Sept. 9th 2013 – Originally published by Muzzle Magazine

“Leaving the Okay Marriage” and “On Being Left” appear in Muzzle Magazine, Summer 2013

“Tejakula, Bali” and “Ode to Raja Ampat” appear in Ibbetson Street #33, Summer 2013

“Memory of Water” appears in The Enigmatist, Summer 2013

Mind Too Much” appears in RATTLE #40, Summer 2013

“Ode to Raja Ampat” appears on Indiefeed, April 2013

“Divisible Bones,” ” Seaweed on the Beach,” and “How To Be Photogenic” appear in The Same, Summer/Fall 2012—Vol. 10, No. 1

“Fish Gotta Swim” appears on IndieFeed, Sept 2012

“Never Simple, What Has To Do with the Human” appears in Ibbetson Street #31, Spring 2012

“One Long Leaving” and “The Wildness Inside” appear in Waccamaw, No. 9 Spring 2012

“A Grapple of Sparrows,” “Fin,” and “Triggerfish” appear in John Hoppenthaler’s A Poetry Congeries at Connotation Press, April 2012

“Subway” appears in the anthology, Token Entry, edited by Gerry LaFemina (Smalls Books/Red Lashes Productions, 2012)

“Campaign Season” appears in the anthology, Villanelles, co-edited by Annie Finch and Marie-Elizabeth Mali (Everyman’s Library Pocket Poets, 2012)

“Steady, My Gaze” appears in the anthology, A Face to Meet the Faces, co-edited by Stacey Lynn Brown and Oliver de la Paz (University of Akron Press, 2012)

“Self-Portrait with Water” appears in Barrow Street, Winter 2011/12

“Swimming Among Sharks: A Photo Essay” at, Issue No. 28, Fall/Winter 2011

“The Year of the Bad Decision” and “The You Boutique” appear in Ariel, 2011

“Self-Portrait as Squid” appears in Poets and Artists #25, Collaboration Issue, July 2011

“Anglerfish” appears on Monday, May 9, 2011 at The New Verse News.

“Who Says the Ear Loves Silence?” appears in the Spring/Summer 2011, Volume 106, No. 1/2 issue of Poet Lore

“Taken for Granted” appears in Issue 4 of Union Station Magazine

“Blast” featured as Poem of the Week by Split This Rock, March 2011

Five poems, with audio, appear in the 6.03, March 2011 issue of PANK

“The Length of You Narrow” and “Rebecca” appear in the Winter/Spring 2011 issue of The Fox Chase Review

“Lungs” read by Nic Sebastian for Whale Sound

“Captive” in the Read Write Poem NaPoWriMo Anthology

“Knife” and “Whale Watching in Provincetown” appear in Poets for Living Waters

“Homecoming” appears in 50/50: Words & Images for Didi Menendez
This anthology contains poems, essays, and visual works from writers and poets who have been published by Didi Menendez in MiPOesias magazine, OCHO, Poets and Artists (O&S), or books

Interview with Chris Abani in Union Station, July 2010

“O Three-Eyed Lord” and “Restorer at the National Gallery, Kabul” appear in The November 3rd Club, Winter 2010 issue.

“Oceanside, CA” won 2nd place in the 2010 Split This Rock Poetry Contest. Split This Rock

“Strike Anywhere” and “The Loud Town” appear in OCHO #29, Winter 2010. OCHO

“Dragonface Pipefish” appears in Canary, Issue 7, Winter 2009-10. Canary

Pushcart Prize nomination, Nov. 2009, by TIFERET: “The Questions Themselves”

“Campaign Season” appears in RATTLE #32, Winter 2009. RATTLE

“Octopus Attack!,” “The Town of Broken Bones,” and “The Town of Snakes” appear in PANK 4.11, November 2009. PANK

“Husband Returns as Parrot” appears in Redheaded Stepchild, Winter 2009. Redheaded Stepchild

“Laundry Day” received 1st Honorable Mention in the Hudson Valley Writers Guild NY state-wide poetry contest, November 2009.

“Diving” in Canary, Issue No. 6, Autumn 2009. Canary

“Invisible in Me” in the Self-Portrait issue of Oranges & Sardines, September 2009. Oranges & Sardines

“O Mary” in the Naugatuck River Review, Summer 2009. Naugatuck River Review

“Ode to the Leech” appears in Holly Rose Review, June 2009. Holly Rose Review

“Liver” and “Lungs” appear in Pebble Lake Review, Health and Illness Issue, 2009. Pebble Lake Review

“I Celebrate the Husband” in OCHO #24, featuring Twitter Poets, June, 2009. OCHO #24

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“Trust Is a Silent Thing” in CALYX, A Journal of Art and Literature by Women, Vol. 25, no. 1, Winter 2009, CALYX Journal

“Cabana Boy,” “Crooked Climb Toward Marriage,” “Possessions,” and “Nepenthe” in the December 2008, Vol. 22, Issue 8 of MiPOesias

Pushcart Nomination, November 2008: “Trip To Angel Falls, So Named In 1937 In Honor of Jimmy Angel, the White Bush Pilot Who ‘Discovered’ the Falls While Searching For Gold In Venezuela”

“Hambrienta,” “Hacienda La Trinidad, Caracas, Venezuela,” “Canaima, Venezuela,” and “Trip To Angel Falls, So Named In 1937 In Honor of Jimmy Angel, the White Bush Pilot Who ‘Discovered’ the Falls While Searching For Gold In Venezuela” in the Acentos Review

“A Good Night’s Rest” in Lumina, Vol. VII”, Lumina

“Walking in Winter” in the anthology Letters to the World: Poems from the Wom-Po Listserv,
Red Hen Press, 2008

“Volunteering After 9/11” and “Subway” Spindle

“Snapshot,” in the women’s anthology HIS RIB: stories, poems & essays by HER,
Penmanship Publishing Group, 2007

“Like a Book” and “Walking In Winter” The 2River View