Pack Dynamics: What Rescuing Dogs Has Taught Me about Relationships

When I rescued my first dog, Phoenix, in 2015, she was a traumatized 6-month-old gorgeous, gray bundle of fear. I was overwhelmed by her fear and she was overwhelmed by, well, everything. To this day, she loves dogs and is afraid of people. Because of her possessive and anxious bond with me, Patrick (my partner) … Read more

How To Safely Practice Getting Vulnerable in Your Relationships

Ugh. Relationships, amiright? Somehow, with all your wounds and your parental, societal, religious, and educational conditioning, you’re supposed to magically know how to relate to another person. That person also shows up with their own wounds and conditioning and is supposed to magically know how to relate to you. Like talking on a phone through … Read more

Stop Making this Relationship Mistake

Does your love interest keep having to jump through an increasingly complex series of hoops to prove themselves to you because you’re so slow to trust? Testing at the beginning helps you both see if it’s safe to go deeper. But at what point does continuing to test start to wreck your relationship? I rescued … Read more

Warning: Not Your Grandma’s Monogamy

After my divorce, I entered a cliché rebound relationship: heavy on great sex and light on emotional intelligence. Once that relationship ended, I wanted more emotionally nourishing relationships, along with great sex, so I decided to try out conscious non-monogamy. I met a man who was in an open marriage. After getting permission and ground … Read more