Hi, I’m Marie-Elizabeth Mali.

I believe we’re here to do one thing: get to the truth of who we are.

When we know who we are, and feel right with ourselves, we can create anything we want.

Dissatisfaction is a potent motivator for change and a sign that your current life no longer fits. A sign that your deepest self is asking for more from you. Instead of ignoring, suppressing, or numbing your dissatisfaction, use it to see where you could expand and grow next.

I work with creative women who feel stuck and dissatisfied. Women who want more from their relationships and work, but struggle with self-doubt and prioritizing everyone else’s needs at their own expense.

I show women how to cultivate the clarity, courage, and confidence to be themselves—instead of who they were taught to be—and take bold action to create relationships and work they love.




Outcomes that clients have gotten from working with me:

  • Confidence to bring their real self out, whether talking to their best friend, lover(s), or potential customers.
  • Powerfully engaging purpose and work.
  • Skillfully navigating relationships.
  • Communicating their desires with clarity, joy, and, dare I say, fire.
  • Ditching the parts of their inherited identities that no longer fit and creating a life that has them doing the underwear dance on the regular.




How I Work

We start with an Exploratory Conversation, at no charge to you, during which we dig deep into where you’re at and what you want to change and create with coaching. I don’t charge for this call because I want us to get to know one another before we decide to work together. You get to feel the potency of my direct attention and I get to feel your level of urgency and commitment to change. I’m committed to working with people who have the necessary urgency to fuel meaningful change.

At the end of our Exploratory Conversation, if it feels right to both of us, I’ll offer you a customized coaching package based on what we discovered together, to address exactly what you want to change and create in your life.

We start our work by taking a clear-eyed look at your inner and outer life to see where you’re blocking your real, quirky self. Where you pretend to be who you think others want and put their needs above yours. I’m not talking about becoming a peel-me-a-grape type of woman who lays on a chaise waiting for everyone to serve her. Unless that’s what you want, then let’s go there together!

Using tools and assignments that I share with you, you dismantle the old beliefs and inherited identities that have been in the way of the full expression of your real and brilliant self.

We also vision what you want to create, so that as the blinders come off, you move with clarity and confidence into a life of your own design, a life you love.

What To Do Next

If you’re ready to step into and step out as your real self, click this button to set up a Exploratory Conversation with me.

Sign up for my email list. If you’re not yet ready for coaching, the free and growing resources you’ll receive by joining my email list are a great place to access support.



 What Clients Say


I don’t feel stuck anymore

Working with Marie-Elizabeth helped me prioritize what’s important and kept me from getting too overwhelmed in the moment. Things are much calmer, I’m more relaxed, and I don’t feel stuck anymore. I learned not to create narratives about what’s happening that don’t exist, a gem I’ve passed along to my kids over and over again.

January Gill O'Neil

Very, very glad I worked with her!

The coaching Marie-Elizabeth Mali gave me was truly life-changing, and I don’t say that lightly. For the first time in all my decades, I was given permission to pay attention to what I really wanted, rather than what I thought I was supposed to want. I listened to how my body felt and saw what activities brought me joy and which ones depleted me. There were exercises to do and regular check-ins with Marie-Elizabeth. I felt she honestly cared and was often struck by the wisdom of her insights.

Donna Baier Stein

A wonderful experience

Coaching with Marie-Elizabeth was a wonderful experience. Her ability to read between the lines and look behind the “curtains” one puts up, most of the time unknowingly, is outstanding. She is a caring person able to lead someone along the path of positive change. I feel honored and fortunate to have had her as my coach.

Ute Glanzner

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