Do you often plaster a polite smile on your face? Do you nod yes when you’re wilting, or even dying inside? Is there a split between the person you share with others and who you really are? Do you know you need to make a change but feel stuck where you are? Learn how to bring the real you out and create life on your terms instead of living out an inherited life. Together, we’ll build the clarity, power, and inner foundation for transformative changes you’ll trust.

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Muriel Rukeyser said, “Breathe-in experience, breathe-out poetry.” I write poetry because it’s the most distilled and direct way I know to bring my experiences into words with an emotional impact. I come to poetry to connect with myself and others, with the whole spectrum of a well-lived life. I have books and several sample poems available, as well as links to online publications in which other poems have appeared.
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When I take photos and videos underwater, I am also looking for connection. Through these images, I convey the personalities of the creatures I meet, as well as the incredible range of shapes and colors that exist in the underwater world. Jacques Ives Cousteau said, “We protect what we love.” Not a day goes by when I’m diving that I don’t think about how rapidly the planet is changing, how ephemeral the environment and creatures I love.
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I’m based in Santa Monica, CA. Welcome to my site!

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